About Us

The company was established in April 2004, and is committed to revolutionizing the Indian movie business by implementing state-of-the-art digital technology at the various independent cinema houses in this fragmented industry. This eliminates print costs, curbs piracy and offers the same audio-visual experience as seen in the affluent centres. Importantly, it helps the cinema owner in securing the latest content on the day of its release since there is no dependence on the conventional celluloid print. The Company has offices in Mumbai, Saurashtra, Delhi, Nizam, CP/CI/Rajasthan and operates over 300 screens.

  • Business Outlook

    To consolidate MANGANG CINEMAX Digital's position as a total solutions provider in the digital-enabled cinema exhibition space.

    To create incremental box office revenue for the industry, increasing the productivity of a film by a growth in the number of day and date release centers, technology being the enabler.

  • Business Footprints

    The initial focus was to digitize screens in the Bombay film territory (consisting of western Maharashtra, Gujarat and parts of Karnataka). But seeing the opportunities and growth in the present Indian movie supply-chain scenario, the company has now set up offices in Delhi, Nizam, CP, CI and Rajasthan.

  • Business Opportunities

    Over the years, the cinema industry has changed dramatically with over 5,000 screens that have been digitized and MANGANG CINEMAX has played a major role in this development. The trend of digitization has been a game changer benefiting the entire value chain of the industry. There are over 6000 screens yet to be digitized and that presents a large opportunity for MANGANG CINEMAX to be a dominant player in its category.